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povpro 8 years ago
AWESOME! She was in her prime in this vid, love her.
Tits 7 years ago
His tits are bigger than hers. Stop eating at Duncan Donuts you fat fuck. Can't believe that slanted eye slut let you fuck her for money. Prostitute.
that music is horrible.... 2 years ago
the footage would be way better without it
Alonso 3 years ago
She is really a beautiful woman!
name 5 years ago
name of the girl?
Sansho Peat 7 years ago
I knew her and her brother in the old days before the great flood of 2009 which wiped out are village. She managed to meet a guy who introduced her to prostitution and since then she's never looked back. Nice work if you can get it and she gets plenty of rich men to take her out and fuck her but now her looks are fading and time is catching up.