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Naw son 1 year ago
At the end of the day...still fucked
I don’t get 2 years ago
Why she is so popular. She’s boring and barely makes any sound. I’d rather watch the Paris Hilton video
1 year ago
I feel bad for him. If it's literally his first time. Everyone filming and Mia shouldn't be so rude lmao he's legit trying. We all remember our first time right? Lol 90% of people were exactly like him
Josh 1 year ago
Her pussy is so blown out she had made so many scenes with a lot of huge dicks this poor guy couldn't even get his dick to stay in her
Still the Champ! 2 years ago
I got him beat by 2 and a half seconds!!!!
1 year ago
I thought he was just acting like a virgin nerd lmao he actually was a virgin nerd
She’s a pos 1 year ago
My boi still fucked tho
Mianotnice 1 year ago
This video could have been amazing he did fine she ruined it.
Smh 12 months ago
1 of only 2 dudes to creampie mia Khalifa. Legend
Tim Dirk 8 months ago
Fantasy vs reality. His 1st time is with a porn star & basically she made it awkward very awkward. He may end up with a complex towards sex.